Sunday, March 6, 2011


I finally joined the real world and got a new phones where you can download apps - amazing! This is going to improve my life in various ways.. including SHOPPING! Download the following apps ASAP.

1. ShopSavvy. Scan the barcode of that skirt with your phone and ShopSavvy will compare prices from over 20,000 different stores, while also providing product views.

2. Glamour Ask a Stylist. Not sure whether an outfit is appropriate or not? Need a little expert advice? Just snap a picture of what you’re considering wearing and send it to Glamour. Within minutes a stylist will respond with a yay or a nay. I LOVE this!

3. Lucky at Your Service. Lucky lets you sift through tons of clothes already approved of by their editors. Then once you’d decided on the perfect pair of pattern pumps the app will forward you to an online store, or if you’re in 50 miles of the store they’ll call the store and the “concierge team” will tell you whether or not they have the item you’re looking for. If they do you can get same day pick up!

4.The Find. This app lets you scan the bar code of that cute bag you’ve been eying for weeks, and lets you know where you can find it for less, whether it’s online or in stores. Its gives you the info on all available coupons and shipping deals, and lets you purchase on the spot online, or gives you directions to where you can find it.

5. Lustr Fashion Finder. This fabulous fashion finder lists promotional events and sales all happening right then, right near year. You can search by neighborhood, distance, or time. Or by occasion, product, or style.

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  1. Hey-got a great app for you ,if you go to and download the app ,you can scan the bar code on any thing you buy from a can of coke to make-up and it gives to link's to deal's and prizes.