Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I found out about this today from a blog I read, Fantabulously Frugal, and just had to share! Love shoes like me? Now's the perfect time to buy that pair you've been dying for on Piperlime because TODAY ONLY it's their third birthday and we are getting the present.. any order made today will be shipped with a $25 gift certificate for your next purchase!! Also, every 1 in 100 purchases will receive a $100 gift certificate! Offer isn't valid on sale items, but they still have the cutest shoes ever! Oh and they have free shipping and returns! Don't pass this up!

They also have apparel and accessories :)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

5 things under $20... Karmaloop

I recently came across this site and was intrigued by all the brands I'd never heard of... and then I saw the sale section. Hundreds of items for oh so cheap! Check out these great deals!

Originally $48.00 ... now only $20!!
This would be so cute with tights and booties. Only $12.95!!
Great selection of beautiful scarves originally $36, now $14.95. See why I love this site?Betsy Johnson bra - under $20!
Cheap Monday leg warmers. Go check out Karma Loop!

Saturday, October 24, 2009


One of the hottest trends right now are feather earrings, you seem them on every celeb imaginable.. and now you can have them too!

I've seen a lot of cheap looking earrings but these are nothing but the best - they're made by Ashley Doty from Portland, Oregon and nothing but real owl feathers. Check out her site now!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Suburban Riot

You know that I love eco-friendly brands and after reading about the company, Suburban Riot and seeing this.."We’re constantly sourcing sustainable materials, from organic cotton, to recycled polymer based materials. We don’t do it because green is in. We do it so your kids aren’t born with three arms and a tail." ... I was hooked and took a look around. Did you know they design tees for the show "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia"?! Go to their site, buy some clothes and also help out the planet - they donate 1% of all sales to the planet.
When choosing this top, I didn't even notice it had their signature asymmetrical v-neck, but I love it! I wore this today to class and several people asked me who designed it - so unique! It's also 100% organic cotton and SO soft.
I also love this Black Turtleneck Mini - so simple but definitely a staple that needs to be in every closet! It's also over 50% off... only $39.99!

AND they're also having a special discount for a limited time only through their webstore.. go check it out!

Sunday, October 18, 2009


The winner of my first giveaway issssss: Jules! Let me know your email or email me at BreakfastTiffanis@gmail.com so I can get your contact information and let me know which tee you want!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Anique Michelle

I'm really sorry I suck at posting lately. I have tons of product reviews to do and have a list of blog post ideas and I promise I will be getting to comments soon as well. I just had to tell you about Anique Michelle. She is a former fashion student at CSULB and wanted to put her education and love of fashion to use - and I'm thankful! She buys gorgeous products wholesale then offers them to us at great prices! Check out a few things below AND a discount code.

Only $12!!! That top is so cheap & I absolutely love it. I also love the one below that I wore last night and got so many compliments about! My favorite thing about this brand is that not only is everything so affordable and still looks high-end, but she donates part of the profits to charity! She's offering up a special 20% off to my readers so make sure to enter "tiffanis" at checkout!

My top - but pictures don't do it justice nor can you feel how soft it is!! Only $25!

Stay tuned and I'll post the winner of the giveaway tomorrow! :)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Oh Lauren

I've really been slacking lately with this and I apologize - I'm currently on a study tour and extremely busy and sometimes don't have internet access. I just had to first of all tell you guys my giveaway ends tomorrow!!!!! Go!!! Secondly, you should know by now how much I adore Lauren Conrad, she was one of the reasons I chose FIDM, hoping I would have her in my classes and become her best friend... sad but true haha. So when I heard about her line at Kohl's to fit all budgets, I was super excited... and now it's been unveiled, and I must say, I'm disappointed.

When first visiting the site and seeing her pretty face and cute outfit, I was like, YES! Then you click onto the designs... was I just transferred onto a Talbot's or a site for someone 45 and over? I was confused, everything is boring! They're just plain basics that I could find anywhere for probably cheaper.. Obviously she didn't spend enough time at FIDM.. come back here girl and I'll show you the light!

And where's the "party" dresses she promised?! This might be cute but really, $50? Yuck.

I really had faith Lauren but I just cannot buy any of this. I will try Whitney's line.. next see maybe what Stephanie has to offer, but this stuff is just not ok... try a different line of work.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


First off, my giveaway ends on the 15th, enter now!!

I'm about to get a second job with all the new boots GoJane has been coming out with. I got these in the mail and checked out the website and want to order about 10 different pairs, ah, to be a Hilton..

I've gotten so many compliment on these and no one has guessed these are under $25!!

If you're ever looking for a more formal style dress, check out this site first as well!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Non-fashion related!

It's half-way through October - where is the time going?! I'm getting pumped about the holidays so this non-fashion related post is for a Secret Santa through our blog friends, how fun! I know I love getting things in the mail besides bills so I'm going to participate!

Go check out this link and sign up then get the code for your sidebar like I have so you know who else is participating and can try and guess who has you!!

Decisionally Challenged

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Snoozer Loser

I'm ALWAYS on the lookout for companies no one really knows about so that I have clothes no one has, so I'm going to share the wealth - Snoozer Loser everyone! They have all kinds of beautiful jewelry and dresses that I love and they are offering a 20% discount! (Excluding jewelry) so go check out the site!! Here are some of my favorites from the Fall '09 collection.

PS.. the code is FW09

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Moonrise Jewelry

I'm quite sure I'm not the only girl that loves a discount, so I'm sharing with you the code that the fabulous owners of Moonrise Jewelry created for you guys! After learning about just how bad jewelry can be for the environment I've been on the hunt for eco-conscious brands and came across this brand. They've been featured on the Today Show, Lucky magazine, TLC, and many other magazines so go check them out if you haven't heard of them yet!

Oh and the code is: Tiffanis for a cool 15% off!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Rain Tees

I love eco friendly brands and Andira Rain Tees, designed by Beth Doane, are 100% organic and designed by children living in endangered rain forests in Central and South America. They donated supplies to the children and had them draw what they see happening in their world everyday. When you buy a Rain tee, a tree in Costa Rica will be planted to replace the trees that are being destroyed daily.

One thing I love about this brand (besides helping the environment) is how every tee has a story. The shirt that I have says this:

" TOUCAN - A signature Rain Tee illustrated by Rene Gillermo of Tena, Ecuador. Amazon toucans live in small flocks and are very playful birds that have courtship displays where both male and female birds throw berries at each other or play catch by tossing the berries to each other with their beaks. How’s that for a 'play date'? Sadly, these birds are highly endangered and more than 11 million are smuggled illegally from the Amazon every year and sold to collectors in the USA and abroad. More than 70% die in the horrible conditions of transit."

Check out this amazing company and buy a tee - help save the rain forest!

OH, and don't forget to enter my first giveaway!

dangerously beautiful giveaway

I love Karmaloop.com because they have introduced me to so many brands I have never heard of before, Dangerously Beautiful being one of them. This is a Florida-based brand and their mission is to be able to let women express themselves through their clothing while not having to look like Barbie. I had the chance of trying out some of these vibrant tees recently and fell even more in love with the brand. Not only are the colors bold, bright, and beautiful... they have an amazing fit, great quality and I love the designs on the shirts. If you're a size medium like me, you're in luck because I'm going to be giving away one of the tees that Dangerously Beautiful thoughtfully let me try! I might even throw in some other goodies from my sponsors if the response is good.. so tell your friends! The contest will end 2 weeks from now on October 16th.

1) One entry for commenting on this post letting me know which tee you want and why.
2) Another for subscribing or letting me know you're a follower.
3) Third for posting about this giveaway.
4) Another entry for referring someone here... just tell them to put your name in the post!

Remember, I only have size medium as an option, sorry! If this isn't your size still enter for other goodies I may throw in there (Breakfast at Tiffany's inspired earplugs, Bath and Body Works products, etc) and give the tee to a friend!

Here are your options: