Monday, August 31, 2009


If you're from California, stop at Pink Ice or go online and get some of their great basics for fall layering. Most are under $10!
Trim Lace Cami $7.99

Plaid Shirts

I'm a big fan of the plaid/flannel shirt look. If you layer it over a fitted tank/tee, your favorite pair of jeans, and high-heeled boots - you can get a grunge meets girly look. Some even have frills on them for a more girly look. OH, and you can basically find these shirts EVERYWHERE.

Lindsay Plaid Tunic - Alloy $29.90
Snap Front Buffalo Tunic - Wet Seal $17.70
Kimchi Buttonfront Tunic - Urban Outfitters $58
Elisa Plaid Shirt - Delias $39.50

Fall Fashion

Shopping the other day for my birthday dress, I took notice at the latest fall fashion: Denim Leggings.

This is something I'm sure people will either love or hate, just like regular leggings, but to me, I see one positive, they fit in your zip-up boots!

I found denim leggings in stores ranging from Hot Topic to Neiman Marcus. I'm not sure how long this trend will last so I wouldn't go buy a pair of $100 leggings, but here's a nice dark wash for $16.99.

Paris Hilton in denim leggings

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Lauren Conrad

Fellow FIDM student Lauren Conrad and Hills star has a major eye for fashion. And her look is simple.

You can find a cheaper tank, but this matched pretty good. And basically any dark wash skinny jeans. Hat from As for the shoes, of course those are going to be expensive if you want exact...

Gossip Girl Fashion

I'm absolutely in love with the looks of the Gossip Girl characters. I only watch to see the clothes! Now you can steal their style!

Blair has a preppy and classic look and is never seen in pants. She always looks like she stepped out of a magazine with freshly washed hair and ironed clothes. She has an amazing fashion sense that is chic and girly at the same time. One of my favorite things she wears though isn't on her body but her head - headbands. She has hundreds of them!

I guess we're talking about her style though. Get her look for less:

Pretty bow headband from Forever 21 only $4.80.

Another look that the celebrities love.. that doesn't come cheap, is a Marc Jacob dress, $458.

This dress, from Herve Leger, sells for over $1,000, but can be yours for just over $100!


While this isn't exactly "fashion" related, it does go under what you're wearing.. I'm just really confused by this.

A C-String. The latest craze?

It's like a pantyliner.. without panties. They say it's so their is no panty line.. tan lines, etc... but wasn't that what the thong was for? I think I would be scared to wear a skirt and have my C-string drop to the ground at work.. this is a trend I will NOT be trying.

Now girls, please don't walk out of your house confusing this for a headband...