Friday, January 29, 2010


While I personally don't care for Valentine's day.. I'm a big fan of the colors associated with the dreaded holiday! If you have a hunny, you'll love these finds for the big night and if you don't - why don't dress up for your girls and hit the town? Wearing some of these brightly colored duds, you'll be sure to turn the heads of the single guys.

$33 -

$29 - Lulus.comEverything from!

So I don't recommend wearing this out.. but feel pretty underneath.. it's only $10 for both!!

Be on the lookout for my next giveaway - free shoes of your choice!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

5 under 20... Heavenly Couture

I LOVE finding new places where there are cheap clothes. I just discovered a place where EVERYTHING is under $20, actually under $18! Here are a few of my favorites. Check out Heavenly Couture.
This is great for work, class, or even a date. At $12, any of us could afford this!
Another cute top for work, class, or a date. Gorgeous ruffles! $15.

Ok, so they're not True Religion. But who can pass up a GOOD pair of jeans... at $13.95?!
I love pink. I love cardigans. ANOTHER $12 top.
This cute little "cardigan dress" is only $12! What a great deal and also available in mocha!

Sunday, January 10, 2010


I LOVE H&M... it's probably one of the stores I'm at most frequently and spending all of my money at but then I just read this and it makes me really sad. I hope all places don't do this?!

Apparently bags of shredded clothing are being found in the garbage behind stores. They're either cut up or have holes punched in them as well as shoes that have been mutilated. This makes me really upset because a) I love clothes, why would you do this to them?! but most importantly b) we're in the toughest economic times ever and bags upon bags of clothing are just being thrown out and destroyed to make sure no one wears them? What's the point of this and why aren't they being sent to charities or even my loving hands?! :)

Monday, January 4, 2010


While I would love to say that my new years resolution would be so not be so MIA, my schedule just got even busier but I promise to try and update more often!

So I'm sure you all went to the after-christmas sales and scored some great new items (or found them under the tree) but the sales are still happening for the new year! Here are some of my favorite picks for year-end sales of brands that I always promote.. if only they knew and would hire me :)
Wouldn't this look so cute under a cardigan? Only $11.97!Yea so I actually bought this dress when it was $40 and it is one of my favorites. Now it's only $19.99! Jealous!
I LOVE this dress. I'm buying it now to pair with cowgirl boots. Originally $44.50, now $14.99!!