Monday, January 4, 2010


While I would love to say that my new years resolution would be so not be so MIA, my schedule just got even busier but I promise to try and update more often!

So I'm sure you all went to the after-christmas sales and scored some great new items (or found them under the tree) but the sales are still happening for the new year! Here are some of my favorite picks for year-end sales of brands that I always promote.. if only they knew and would hire me :)
Wouldn't this look so cute under a cardigan? Only $11.97!Yea so I actually bought this dress when it was $40 and it is one of my favorites. Now it's only $19.99! Jealous!
I LOVE this dress. I'm buying it now to pair with cowgirl boots. Originally $44.50, now $14.99!!

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