Sunday, January 10, 2010


I LOVE H&M... it's probably one of the stores I'm at most frequently and spending all of my money at but then I just read this and it makes me really sad. I hope all places don't do this?!

Apparently bags of shredded clothing are being found in the garbage behind stores. They're either cut up or have holes punched in them as well as shoes that have been mutilated. This makes me really upset because a) I love clothes, why would you do this to them?! but most importantly b) we're in the toughest economic times ever and bags upon bags of clothing are just being thrown out and destroyed to make sure no one wears them? What's the point of this and why aren't they being sent to charities or even my loving hands?! :)


  1. sadly I think this is more common practise than we'd like to think :(
    it makes me so angry.

  2. This is a disgrace. Those clothes could have been donated to the Salvation Army or something. This is a recession and there are SO many people who lost their incomes the past year. Those clothes would mean a lot to them. :(

  3. Horrible, the company could donate them and receive tax credits/deductions. Many people could use these clothes.