Thursday, October 1, 2009

Rain Tees

I love eco friendly brands and Andira Rain Tees, designed by Beth Doane, are 100% organic and designed by children living in endangered rain forests in Central and South America. They donated supplies to the children and had them draw what they see happening in their world everyday. When you buy a Rain tee, a tree in Costa Rica will be planted to replace the trees that are being destroyed daily.

One thing I love about this brand (besides helping the environment) is how every tee has a story. The shirt that I have says this:

" TOUCAN - A signature Rain Tee illustrated by Rene Gillermo of Tena, Ecuador. Amazon toucans live in small flocks and are very playful birds that have courtship displays where both male and female birds throw berries at each other or play catch by tossing the berries to each other with their beaks. How’s that for a 'play date'? Sadly, these birds are highly endangered and more than 11 million are smuggled illegally from the Amazon every year and sold to collectors in the USA and abroad. More than 70% die in the horrible conditions of transit."

Check out this amazing company and buy a tee - help save the rain forest!

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