Thursday, October 15, 2009

Oh Lauren

I've really been slacking lately with this and I apologize - I'm currently on a study tour and extremely busy and sometimes don't have internet access. I just had to first of all tell you guys my giveaway ends tomorrow!!!!! Go!!! Secondly, you should know by now how much I adore Lauren Conrad, she was one of the reasons I chose FIDM, hoping I would have her in my classes and become her best friend... sad but true haha. So when I heard about her line at Kohl's to fit all budgets, I was super excited... and now it's been unveiled, and I must say, I'm disappointed.

When first visiting the site and seeing her pretty face and cute outfit, I was like, YES! Then you click onto the designs... was I just transferred onto a Talbot's or a site for someone 45 and over? I was confused, everything is boring! They're just plain basics that I could find anywhere for probably cheaper.. Obviously she didn't spend enough time at FIDM.. come back here girl and I'll show you the light!

And where's the "party" dresses she promised?! This might be cute but really, $50? Yuck.

I really had faith Lauren but I just cannot buy any of this. I will try Whitney's line.. next see maybe what Stephanie has to offer, but this stuff is just not ok... try a different line of work.


  1. Thank goodness I'm not 45 yet...LOL
    we ♥ Laren around here too and my oldest was very excited about her khols line...I say was...

    we are so glad you are a part of the SSS event this yr!

  2. Ew...yeah I remember seeing this for the first time and being completely disappointed. It just feels so uninspired. :(

  3. Everyone has said this about her collection. I agree, wish I could see it in person though. None of my kohls carries her.

  4. I am just touching base with you...your SSS q&a was sent to the email you confirmed with-can you please check and see if the q&a made it there and if so fill out the form and submit it for us-we are in the process of assigning partners but we can't without your q&a
    Thanks so much