Wednesday, November 4, 2009

One Pearl

I'm a big fan of pearls and I just recently found my new favorite place to buy them - One Pearl. I was just sent the most fabulous necklace/whatever you want it to be and I'm in love. Not only is the jewelry gorgeous, but they donate 100% of their profits to help improve the lives of children. Look good and help out some kids while you're at it - try getting your significant other to say no to that one. Check out the necklace I now have a privilege of owning... and pretty much wearing everywhere.

You can also wear this piece as a choker, a cuff, a layered look, a belt, looped around your neck... so many possibilities. Check out the site for more beautiful designs. If you're getting married soon, I definitely recommend!


  1. What a delightful cause. Paired with beautiful jewelry, it's an amazing combination!