Saturday, November 28, 2009

Secret santa gift ideas

Confession: I've had a really rough month and just completely forgot about the Secret Santa thing. What are some things that you guys have been wanting? I need some ideas.. quick! What do you hope your SSS will be sending you? :)

Going over my posts I realize my person probably doesn't know much about me.. here we go. I'm Tiffani and a senior at FIDM. I'm a visual communications major with hopes of someday being a stylist for the stars. I'm originally from Michigan and here for the holidays so that's where I ask you to send my package :)

I know it sounds lame but fashion is my passion. My love for it tends to distract me from my everyday mundane life so I decided to create this blog so I could have a little bit more of my love in my life everyday (and I'm sorry I haven't kept up with this like the beginning!). My hope with this was to help all of you to be able to afford the things that stars are wearing and look just like them, because believe me, it's possible! I guess that doesn't really help but it's a bit of my background.. just know I love everything and the better question would be what am I not interested in!

“Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.” -Oscar Wilde


  1. fab post,
    I wish I could afford to take part in an online secret santa...maybe next year!

  2. I could when I signed up for it... now after losing my job I really can't lol

  3. How great to learn more about you!

  4. secret santa sound like fun and it was interesting to learn more about you! Have a good night...

    pk @ Room Remix