Sunday, December 13, 2009

Baby it's cold outside...

I love sweaters, boots, hats and mittens.. until I have to step outside in them!! Here's some of the cutest cold weather apparel I've come across to make winter weather a little less frightful! :)

I love berets this year - especially the look of this one with sequins and a knit overlay.
I also love these hats and how they have a visor which works well to block wind! This is only $12.99 from Target!
These are so pretty and girly and only $15 on Etsy!
Not a fan of hat hair? These are sure to keep your ears warm - and only $8.99!

An armwarmer set for only $9.99!! Also in 3 other colors!
Something to wear out on the town for only $9.99. Also in black.


  1. I want everything you posted! Those etsy gloves are gorgeous and I love those ear muffs. :)

  2. Sequin beret... YES please! I did my ode to hats today!