Thursday, December 3, 2009

5 under 20 - Alloy

I haven't done a real relevant post in quite some time and I apologize. I also haven't done a "5 under" either and with budgeting for the holidays I figured it was the perfect time!

Alloy used to be one of my favorite catalogs in high school and then I just kind of forgot about it. I recently received a catalog in the mail at my parents and was browsing through it and they actually have a lot of things I would definitely wear - and cheap to boot!

I love love love cardigans. Especially the trendy boyfriend style cardigans that you can pair with all those summer tanks you can't bear to put away for the winter! Wear this either with jeans or a dress - it works for most everything!

This top is super cheap and available in 19 different colors!!
I'm a sucker for a good deal.. especially when it comes to heels. Which is exactly why I bought these for only $14.99!!
I really love berets this year for winter. I already have 7 of them! I won't be purchasing this one since it hasn't even snowed yet and I had an abundance of them, but you should!


  1. I LOVE the Kelly Kapowski off the shoulder sweatshirt!

  2. My mom is obsessed with Alloy and buys from them all the time. Lol. Now I'm definitely going to be stealing her catalog when I go home this afternoon. ;) You found such cute items!