Tuesday, September 1, 2009

5 things under $15: Forever 21

This is a new blog and I was trying to think of a regular post I could do.. and with everyone in an economic crunch - 5 things under 20 bucks sounded good to me! In other words, revamp your closet with less than $75. First store I'm starting with, the cheap but trendy Forever21 which you can find across the country and online.

1) Leggings are still in this fall.. so why not get them for under $5?! I even paid more for these things at Target!

2) Flats are another must have for fall but they can be expensive depending on where you buy them at. These bad babies are less than $10.

3) This look was especially hot for summer - pair it with a cardigan and flats. Add some leggings. You have a cute fall look!

4) Scarves! Still cute for an added burst of color for your basic tees.

5) Sheer shirts! Hot hot hot!


  1. all cute! I have a shirt a lot like the leggings photo but in black and white. anything plaid/gingham/tweed... perfect for fall :)

  2. I love the flats and the colorblock dress. So cute!

  3. love all the photos esp. the tank dress!

  4. fabulous finds... shoes for less than $10 and the leggings at $5. awesome steal. thanks for the info.