Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Characters Closets I Want To Steal

Breakfast at Tiffani's - the name of my blog... obviously a big fan of Audrey Hepburn and the movie. So watching it last night, I got the inspiration for this post.. and in no particular order is the top ten movie and television characters styles I want to steal.

1.) Breakfast At Tiffany's - Classic is the first word that comes to mind when I think of this movie. This is in regards to the fashion and the movie. The little black dress can be credited from this film, so it has to be in this list.

2.) The Notebook - This is also filled with very feminine and classic looks that I love.

3.) Gossip Girl - It's on tv, but how can you not include this?! I've already posted about Blair's style a few times.. but all of the girls have looks to kill for.

4.) Sex And The City - Both the movie and the tv show! Another one you HAVE to mention. The shoes alone I'd do anything for!

5.) 500 Days of Summer - I went to see this movie because I love Zooey Deschanel... but I ended up loving her look in this movie even more!

6.) The Devil Wears Prada - Love love love every style in this movie. Can I please be Anne Hathaway?
7.) Marie Antoinette - When I was little I used to love poodle skirts and wished I grew up in the 50s... well now that I'm older.. I wish I grew up in the days of tall hair and hoop skirts. Let me in that costume closet and I'd be in heaven.

8.) Clueless - I was younger when this movie came out and I was even Cher for Halloween one year.. yes, I know it's embarrassing.. I still knew she was a style icon though! Not that I'd wear her stuff today..
9.) Confessions of A Shopaholic - The girl goes in debt from shopping too much, obviously she's going to have a closet to die for.

Ok, so not quite the top 10.... who should be last???


  1. ooh... I loved the wardrobe of the Notebook too!

  2. I know this one is way off the high fashion end, but I love the look of Charleze Theron in Sweet November. It's totally casual but she looks so hot in everything.