Monday, September 28, 2009

Cardboard Robot

When first visiting this site I thought that the clothing wouldn't be my style and my mom was a little freaked out when I sported a "Bloodmania" shirt, but I absolutely love the clothing they have. When receiving the shirts, I actually checked what fabric they were made out of because they felt so soft and high-quality! (100% cotton!)

Usually smalls are too tight on me and mediums are too big, but these shirts felt like they were made for me and fit perfectly. My favorite was this shirt:Cardboard Robot is a group of self-acclaimed misfits, dorks, geeks, and rejects. They're a unique brand that also makes recyclable furniture, short art films, and limited edition posters. They do all this while addressing important issues like poverty-stricken neighborhoods and corporate takeovers.


  1. i'm going to visit this site now... i love finding new online places to shop!! :)