Thursday, September 3, 2009

Santa Monica

I was shopping in Santa Monica yesterday and wanted to share my latest summer sale finds. You can find these at stores near you as well!

Pink ice is one of my favorite stops for cheap basics. I mentioned them in a previous post as well for cheap tanks, but here I just got a cheap cardigan! The one I picked up is 3/4 length sleeve, but they have long sleeves as well.

Another favorite store, Urban Outfitters was having a summer sale, and I got this cute top for only $29.99, usually $50!

While I'm not sure where Mango is located across the country, they do have a website to shop their cute clothes. I need to stop buying summery clothes so I picked up a fall-ish dress to wear with tights! What do you think?

Tell me about any great finds you've had success with!

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  1. Love that last dress! Per your comment about me at
    : )